how do grand and upright pianos differ

Buying second hand pianos for sale for yourself or your family can make it a lifetime of joy and learning experience. A higher quality piano is long term investment. Therefore, planning is a must thing before you are going to purchase a piano whether grand or upright pianos. Compare the different aspects and features of Grand, kawai digital pianos and upright piano to select the one that is reasonable for your prerequisites and will ensure your melodic accomplishment. The comparison can be made by size, quality, price and different features.

· Weight

Grand pianos weigh in the vicinity of 530 and 1100 lbs. (240-500kg), and uprights weigh 400-500 lbs. (180-227kg).

· Price

Grand pianos are very expensive. It begins at around $10,000 whereas upright pianos are far more affordable than even the smallest grand pianos.

· Quality

Grand Pianos are good in quality. The polymer finish on many grand pianos ensures the sound quality of piano whereas an upright piano tends to denigrate quickly regarding value.

· Sound

Grand pianos can add an ambiance liked by performers and non-artists alike whereas Uprights are subtle to temperature vacillations because of its soundboard's position.

· Portability

Grand pianos take up lots of space and can be hard to fit through entryways as compared to upright that is easier regarding portability.

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